Cork’s 96FM Giving For Living

Radiothon 2020

21st, 22nd and 23rd of May

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Where The Funds Go

Thanks to you, Cork’s 96fm Giving for Living Radiothon makes change happen here in Cork and ensures those dealing with cancer get the care they deserve right on their doorstep.

Mercy Hospital Foundation:

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2019 contributed to the following:

  • 49 surgeries were carried out in 2019 using our unique 3D Minimally Invasive Surgery System which allows surgeons to operate with greater precision and helps patients recover much quicker.
  • You helped fund over 60 Psycho-Oncology Sessions last year to provide emotional and psychological support to patients during their cancer journey.
  • Refurbishment of the kids room in the Leukaemia Unit to help make our patients feel more at home.
  • Establishment of an Upper GI Patient Support Group for patients who have undergone surgery for cancers of the oesophagus & stomach.

Funds raised this year will help with the following:

  • Continued support of our free Psycho-Oncology Service which is funded by public donations.
  • Ensuring our Upper GI Patient Support Group can hold monthly meetings offering patients professional and peer support.
  • Our Endoscopic Ultrasound Service (EUS) helps detect and diagnose cancers much earlier. Since this updated equipment was installed in 2016, there has been a 32% increase in the number of patients it has seen.
  • Patient Assistance Fund to offer financial aid to patients who may be experiencing short-term financial difficulties as a result of their cancer diagnosis.

Marymount University Hospital and Hospice:

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2019 contributed to the following:

  • Two electric cars and charging points to facilitate more economical and environmental travel by our Community Palliative Care team
  • Equipment to facilitate a new volunteer-driven evening bereavement telephone service.
  • A wheelchair lift for our donated minibus, increasing accessibility
  • Equipment to facilitate patient safety and comfort.

Funds raised this year will help with the following:

  • Renewal of Community Palliative Care car fleet. The Community Palliative Care Team provide specialist care in the community.
  • Upgrading the entertainment systems in patient bedrooms to ensure maximum comfort in a ‘home away from home’ setting.
  • Redevelopment of three dining facilities to ensure a bright warm home from home environment for all residents
  • Repainting of bedrooms to enhance a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment for those who use our services
  • Maintenance works and equipment to ensure maximum patient comfort and safety throughout the year.

Cork University Hospital:

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2019 contributed to the following:

  • Lymphoedema Training Courses for physiotherapists – working with breast surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology patients
  • Colon cancer scope – to assist in the diagnosis of colon cancer, one of the most common cancers in Ireland
  • Manometry probes to help detect cancer in the intestines
  • Continued funding of Men’s Health Unit ensuring a major improvement to Men’s Health across Cork and Munster
  • Treatment chairs for patients at the Dunmanway Day Unit (Chemotherapy Unit)
  • A limb-volume calculator which allows physiotherapists to produce a tailored treatment plan for cancer patients.

Funds raised this year will help with the following:

  • Refurbishment of the Dunmanway Day Unit which will dramatically improve patient flow and experience
  • Sequencing Machine – This machine can analyse a patient’s tumour tissue for DNA mutations within it that may be able to be targeted by specific non-chemotherapy treatments
  • Continued funding of Men’s Health Unit ensuring a major improvement to Men’s Health across Cork and Munster
  • Bringing robotic surgery to the hospital to treat cancer patients
  • Providing services for patients of the Dunmanway Day Unit – newspapers, magazines, tea, coffee, sweets.

Breakthrough Cancer Research:

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2019 contributed to the following:

  • Completion of an evidence-based cookbook for cancer patients which can help increase the ability to tolerate treatment and survival. (€25,000)
  • Continued funding of a clinical trial nurse to support patients and families before, during and after clinical trials which can be an extremely anxious journey. (€28,395)

Funds raised this year will help with the following:

  • The purchase of microneedles and/or probes for use in treatment of skin, colon or oesophageal cancers where surgery may not be suitable or may have already failed patients. (€1,000-€3,000 per needle/probe)
  • Help fund an Ovarian Cancer Research Project which is investigating the role of a cell recycling process in ovarian cancer reoccurrence.  Approximately 80% of women whom exhibit an excellent response to first line therapy will have their cancer return. Additional treatments often have a poor response so there is an urgent need to develop new approaches for patients with ovarian cancer.  (€35,966) 
  • We need greater tools to answer the complexity of cancer in each patient and we will support a Cork research team which is looking at the role of bacteria and cancer as part of a national Precision Oncology effort to develop more personalised treatments for cancer patients. (€75,000)

Cork Arc Cancer Support House:

Funds raised from Radiothon in 2018 contributed to the following:

  • Enhancing existing health & well-being programmes across ARC centres, including Hour of Calm, Yoga, Bereavement Support and Pilates for Men.
  • Training West Cork Volunteers in managing distressed and at-risk clients.
  • Upskilling touch therapists with cancer-specific training in complementary therapies of massage and reflexology and on-going supervision.
  • Developing a knowledge-based service for colorectal cancer patients with nurse support.
  • Developing the Get Active Programme for men with prostate or bowel cancer.

Funds raised this year will help with the following:

  • Developing exercise and support programmes for women with colorectal and gynaecological cancers.
  • Education and support for voluntary counsellors, therapists and listeners.
  • Development of a support programme for relatives of cancer patients.
  • Extend the CLIMB project to Cork County which supports children whose parents are living with cancer.
  • Continued help for women with breast cancer from support groups to exercise classes and information on managing therapy.